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Green Diesel the Future of Air Travel?

Aviation titan Boeing is seeking to help airlines fly in a more environmentally sound way. They reported that they are stepping up efforts to expand the use of sustainable aviation biofuel by seeking FAA approval for aircraft to fly on “green diesel.” According to Boeing, “green diesel” emits at least half the carbon dioxide as traditional petroleum-based jet fuel.

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AirFlow Trucks More Than Double Semi Fuel Economy

Traditionally semi-trucks expend as much as 50% of their power pushing air out of the way, but the new AirFlow BulletTruck has a more aerodynamic design that allows it to slice through the air.  AirFlow Trucks new design more than doubles the fuel economy of traditional designs by improving aerodynamics and efficiency.

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CellEra Announces Breakthrough In Fuel Cell Tech

CellEra announced a big improvement in fuel cell technology. Rather than using an expensive rare earth metal as the fuel cell’s catalyst, CellEra utilizes a catalyzed, solid polymer electrolyte. This new catalytic core is cleaner and  won’t corrode like older fuel cells. It also can even help reduce overall costs.

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