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Free and green mobile marketplace launch for businesses and individuals


Free and green mobile marketplace launch for businesses and individuals

December 17
Santa Monica CA

KOLLEKTIV announces the launch of their free online and mobile marketplace for businesses and individuals. The platforms are fully functional and in use internationally. Upon seeing the need for businesses to have a convenient marketplace to sell or purchase used equipment, as well as the perpetual desire to enhance green initiatives, KOLLEKTIV  was created by Kimber Johnson, the Managing Director of Vanity Point Interactive Design in Phoenix AZ and other technology industry veterans. Bringing to bear his years in marketing and programing, Kimber has created a community for business professionals and individuals to buy and sell technology and equipment with no fees, saving time, money and the environment. This completely free service connects buyers and sellers quickly and easily through a well-designed user interface and allows for reviews on sellers and products as well as easy upload and sharing of products.

Saving time and money are age old business principals but improving green initiatives continues to gain importance both to the bottom line and to the eyes of the consumer.  In a recent Bridgestone survey as reported by Venture Beat, 92 percent of consumers say a product or manufacturer’s environmental sustainability has some impact on their purchasing decisions. ( “We wanted to create a free set of tools that are easy to use so that businesses can quickly and efficiently take steps to add to their program of ‘going green’. Being able to help get additional use out of quality used business equipment fills a void and allows for businesses to save money at the same time. KOLLEKTIV is a win-win for businesses and the environment.”  – Kimber Johnson, Managing Director, KOLLEKTIV

KOLLEKTIV connects buyers and sellers, offers area based searching, and is divided into convenient categories to make browsing a snap. KOLLEKTIV Market encourages community members to leave reviews on buyers and sellers to assist other members in their purchasing decisions. “KOLLEKTIV is designed to meet the needs of a variety of users. Whether a business is looking for products in their local town or in multiple locations they can quickly search for the business equipment they need in the location they need it. The apps and web site are easy to use whether a business is looking to buy or sell.” – Kimber Johnson, Managing Director, KOLLEKTIV

For additional information please contact:
Kristen Coulson
Public Relations and Marketing Manager

About Us
KOLLEKTIV was created by a group of technology industry veterans that had a desire to create a new tech based solution to answer an age old problem in the business world:  “How can businesses improve their green initiatives and save money at the same time?” The KOLLEKTIV way is a mobile and online platform for bringing together available assets that already exist in today’s business environment and connecting them to a need for those resources. By finding new homes for quality business products and getting additional use out of existing IT equipment, office products, instruments, machinery, medical equipment, and other items, businesses and individual people alike, can save money, recapture costs, and help save the environment all at once. The KOLLEKTIV platform is a win-win situation for the environment and businesses alike, as not only is KOLLEKTIV an eco-friendly resource, but it allows businesses to save money on equipment or supply costs. Additionally with KOLLEKTIV’s well thought out user friendly platform, shopping is quick and easy, allowing busy businesspeople to save valuable time.