How do I create an item listing for sell?
Creating a listing on KOLLEKTIV is simple. First you must set up an account. After that just select Sell an Item and enter the appropriate information and pics.



Where do I find the mobile app?
KOLLEKTIV apps are available for FREE on the iTunes Apps store and on Google Play.


Can I use my credit card?
KOLLEKTIV is a free service to connect buyers and sellers and does not participate in the transaction. If the listing seller accepts credit cards then you will be able to use one.


How do I report abuse?
There is a flag button on each item that you can press. Additionally we encourage you to leave reviews on sellers to assist other buyers with their transactions in the future. If you have information that you feel is out side of that please feel free to email us at info@kollektivmarket.com


How do I know I can trust?
Sellers are non-verified and no liability is assumed in any way by KOLLEKTIV. KOLLEKTIV is relies on community involvement and reviews so please check reviews and if you feel other users are acting inappropriately please report abusers and we will investigate and potentially disable their accounts.


What can I list? What can I not list?
No adult or illegal items are allowed to be listed. KOLLEKTIVs focus is on being a marketplace for used business equipment, office supplies and other business related items, including new green business items. Items outside this focus should not be listed and are subject to removal. We request that you only sell functioning equipment and items and will ban users who do not follow this request. We encourage buyers to test any items they buy before making purchases. KOLLEKTIV does NOT verify items and assumes no liability for transactions.


Are there any geographic restrictions?
In accordance with restrictions imposed by the US government we are not allowed to do business in Burma, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan or Syria.


How does Kollektiv help the environment?
By allowing used but functional business and equipment to find a new home it saves additional resources to have to be used in manufacturing new items and reduces the amount of waste put into the environment.

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