About The Community

The Kollektiv community was created so like-minded people could share green and cost savings ideas with other forward thinking professionals from around the world. Kollektiv community members come from a diverse range of backgrounds but the thing that brings
us together is our desire to cut costs and save money in an environmentally friendly way. Kollektiv helps business people do BOTH, by participating in a platform for trade that is friendly to the eco system you can not only save money, but act in a way that is friendly to the environment. By participating in the Kollektiv community you can help other businesses find resources or solutions or find those answers yourself from other members.  


Member in Focus

The Member in Focus area recognizes members of Kollektiv online community who demonstrate leadership and commitment to peers by making a significant contribution of time and expertise within the communities. 

anny martin
City: Agoura Hills
Neighborhood: California-United States


Discussion Board

Kollektiv community members use the discussions forums as a place for people with green interests relative to the business world to post questions and/or answers in order to collaboratively work to solve both their cost savings issues or green initiatives as they apply to the business environment.

Discussion Board



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KOLLEKTIV allows you to buy and sell the business equipment the GREEN WAY. Not only will you SAVE MONEY but you will able to shop smart and eco friendly.

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